Energy efficiency in electrical installations

Our department works on the implementation of energy saving systems through the improvement of the quality of the electrical signal, we adapt our equipment to each client, achieving savings and improvements in production processes.

The work is mainly carried out with two electrical devices:

Energy efficiency in thermal installations

It will work mainly in three stages:

STAGE ONE: Replacing chillers and boilers with new equipment with higher efficiency and load modulation.

SECOND STAGE: Using systems of control (SCADA) and control engineering of mechanical installations.

THIRD STAGE: Introduction of zoning valves for heating and cooling circuits, improvement of the efficiency of pumping and ventilation systems (EEFF1 class high efficiency equipment), introduction of variable speed drives for pumps and fans.


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We have a variety of financing products for customers, from Renting to ESCO (ESCO) contracts in which the customer does not invest, being able to obtain a 30% of the savings for 10 years and own the machines thereafter.
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